Our Services
We provide a very thorough cleaning of the entire pellet stove and the vent pipe. The cleaning of the stove includes the firebox, combustion blower, convection blower, ash traps and the glass. Also a general overall inspection is done to make sure your stove is running safely and efficiently .  

Service Call (parts are additional)
If your stove is not running properly or not running at all we will come out and repair it.To come out to your house and diagnose the stove there is a service call fee of $185. This price covers the cost of us to arrive at your home and any work we will perform during the first hour. After the first hour it will be an additional $60 per hour for labor, in 15 minute increments. If parts are needed, their cost is additional.

We do not guarantee that we will have the parts needed at the time of the first service call. We stock common parts which are needed for common problems, but we cannot  stock every part for every stove. For this reason, repair work sometimes requires a return trip.


Cleaning - $235 In Season

Summer Cleaning Special - $215  (must be existing customer)

Pipe Cleaning - $185

Service Call - $185* (parts are additional)

Return Trip - $100

*Service Call includes the first hour of Service upon arrival.  After 1 hour, the labor rate is $60 per hour for labor, in 15 minute Increments.

Maintenance - Repair - Parts
* The travel charge may increase 
depending on the driving distance, If you are 30 driving minutes from us, there will be a travel charge. (traffic does not affect this)


Cleaning: $235

Service Call: $185

Return Trip: $100

Travel Charge: $10*

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